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Fitness & Diet 30 days Challenge


Dear Friends & Fans, We know that the current Convid -19, it become a social distance at this moment. We know it feel so S***T.

we are here to offer (updating more) product which we can Stay Home & Work Out Together. 

Please Stay Safe and DO NOT GIVE UP ON WORKOUT !! 


This category is for beginners or someone that is really busy with our tide schedule. We wish be part of your journey, 30 days is just a start ! isnt better then we sitting there and continue hoping or tell ourself : ' nah, tomorrow i will start !' and the same S***t happen again and again.


Enough is enough !! Come on and lets make this happen together.

So let me ask you one more time !!!   

Are you ready and game on for this Fitness and Diet Challenge ?!

add a buddy in here (it is AIO facebook Group) we are watching you ! coz we care, and get ready to start your 30 days challenge !! 



We might have some tools and item for your considerations.

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Must Keep Telling yourself..... 

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Wokay ! Dont GIVE UP!! 


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